the most handsome man alive.

-is a buff guy from texas
-is part of a band (PRETTYMUCH)
-just so happens to be the love of my life
"brandon arreaga is so damn beautiful"
"brandon is the most talented person alive"
by prettyxmuch March 21, 2018
Brandon Arreaga is the youngest person in the band PRETTYMUCH

Fun Facts

-His favorite candy are redvines

-He is the cutest boy in the band
-He is my boyfriend (even if he doesn’t know it yet)
Brandon Arreaga is the best looking human being in the planet
by Brandon’s future wife💍 August 9, 2018
the most beautiful human in the entire universe. my husband, soulmate, best friend, my everything. (even if he doesn’t know it yet)

and part of a boy band called PRETTYMUCH
Lex, “I love Brandon Arreaga he’s so cute and honestly just the love of my life
Jack, “Wait what
by antidote arreaga April 24, 2019
The fine ass boy from prettymuch. he’s a man of many talents. sings,dances,produces,draws. he’s one of the finest boys from prettymuch. he’s kinky asf. all the BEANZ including myself wants him to choke them with his big ass ring covered painted nails hands while being fucked senseless. he has almost to many chains, enough to choke himself. he wears the same beanie with almost every outfit. he’s one of the flyest people from prettymuch. and he’s daddy asf
stephanie:have you heard of brandon arreaga

kylie: that fine ass nigga that wears hella chains and the same beanie everyday?

stephanie: yes, he tore me apart so good. i can’t even walk ;)
by kuwonudaddy June 10, 2019
Is a DANK guy from Texas

He’s in a band called PRETTYMUCH

He is a singer/dancer/producer/songwriter
His style is beautiful

And is my MANZ
“Brandon Arreaga is the most beautiful man alive “
“Brandon Arreaga is my man and you guys can’t take him”
he’s my boyfriend. i don’t even care what you say.
sometimes i cheat on brandon arreaga with zion kuwonu or nick mara. but ist okay.
by mr.arreaga October 28, 2018