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Intensifier of "hilarious" created by combining "funny" and "hilarious." You know it's really "fucking hilarious," but if grandma ever asks...
Everyone was falling off the pews with laughter when Pastor Dave slipped and said Milla was Charles's "new ride" instead of "new bride." It was so fularious, Grandma!
by Eidetic Memory April 07, 2005
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The superlative form of the word hilarious is formed by combining 'fucking' and 'hilarious' to create fularious. Fugly is a similar contraction that adds fucking to the front of an everyday term to add emphasis.
Barry: I'd pay money to watch Mike Tyson chili dog Jenna Jameson. That would be hilarious.
Lazy: Me too. Imagine him giving her a dirty sanchez afterwards all while he is wearing his boxing gloves. That would be fularious!
by Lazynutz August 04, 2005
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1. its like a cross bewteen fun and hilarious but its not its like better, with a provcative twist.

2. Its a hardcore repetitive movement between a man and women at a 45 degree angle.

3. Its seeing a fat person fall down and trying to get , but looks like a druken turtle rolling around
Me and your mom did the fularious last night.

by bettycrockers sex slave April 14, 2008
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