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Italian American slang for the following:

1. It dosen't matter.

2. Fuck you.

3. No way.

4. As an enhancer to a previously stated predicate or clause.

5. You should drop the subject entirely before you end up at the bottom of the East River.
1. "what'll the cops think of this?"

2. "Yo Vinnie, did your sister say anything about me?"
-"hey fuhgetaboutit"

3. "You think I could score wit Gina"

4. "Yo Tommy's mom has a nice ass, eh."
-"Oh my God, Fuhgetaboutit"

5. "Hey so, like, where's this stuff comin from, I'm just, like, you know, curious an stuff."
--"Hey Ernie, fuhgetaboutit huh."
by Donnie Brasco November 17, 2004
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