Fuggy has to parts of speech.

One of them is a verb that means to cum on a women's tits.

The other part of speech is an adjective that means any sweer word you want it to mean.
V) Hey baby do you want to fuggy.
Did you like that fuggy?
Hold on bro, I'm fugging this hot bitch.

N) What the fuggy happend here.
Get the fuggy out of here.
Mother fugging bitch.

Fuggy often confused with fugy. Fuggy means to cum on a girls tits or any sweer word you want it to mean, but fugy is a run off of the word fugly.

Synonyms) Cream pie, cum shot, fuck, bitch, shit
Antonyms) None
by lone5tarf1ghter May 15, 2012
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A person who is extremely ugly in their physical appearance.
Did you get a look at that kid? What a fuggy looking kid.
by BlacktipShark March 10, 2018
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