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Fudoogle is another word for the term for "fuck" or "oh shit". It can also be used as a verb with the suffix "ing" or "Ed" , and can also be used as a noun to describe a person who is fucking reckless and retarded. The word in the form "Fudoogler" can be used to describe oneself or another, as a person who always screws shit up, usually in a comedic and non harmful way. Used for when you wanna call some one a "fucker" but you aren't angry at them.Its more to be used in a sort of joking manner.
Ex(s): "aww fudoogle, I locked myself out of my dam car" or "the kid next door is fudoogling around with some girl" or "dude I don't think anyone's gonna save us from this sinking ship. Yeah man we are fudoogled" or "omg that guy just crashed his motorcycle into a Cadillac. Omg what a fucking Fudoogler"or "omg man, did that girl really smack you when you tried to kiss her? Yeah I was kinda a Fudoogler huh..."
by Theflyingfudoogler February 15, 2014
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