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1. the quality or state of being a fucktard

a. a total lack of intellectual value, something done that defies common sense or sense of any kind

b. showing a complete disrespect for societal values and/or scientific fundamentals

c. anything done, said, or created that any reasonable person would never have considered

2. the Republican political platform
dude1: Dude, did you see that guy in the thong and clown wig?

dude2: Yeah, total fucktardery!

fucktard Republican Party asshat moron retard
by asshatextraoridnaire March 09, 2012
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the highest level of bullshit, the ultimate clusterfuck, and something that truly goes beyond all rhyme, reason, definition of sanity, logic, rationality, or anything that remotely resembles functionality
Why is the President Elect nearly getting us killed with his Twitter account?

I don't fucking know. It's complete fucktardery.
by Letterstogestapo December 08, 2016
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