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A coiffeured line of pubic hair running down to the genitals. Variable in thickness but always of vertical alignment. Recent reports have suggested a correlation between thickness of line and accommodation capacity of genitals see clown's pocket, feeding a pony or mouse's ear
She had a fuckstripe so wide i briefly thought that she may have been run over. Still, she was naked and it'd be rude not to...
by 1974 Chris June 22, 2006
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Someone who works in a basement record shop, and can't be bothered to help out a friend in need because they have concert tickets. A fuckstripe is a douche indeed.
Hey, do you happen to know any fuckstripes?

Why yes I do! They went to the Autolux show though. Too bad I'm on this crucifix, or I'd show you where to go.
by bowler February 03, 2005
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