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Being so incredibly intoxicated, that left is right, and right is fuckniggered. This state can only be achieved when alcoholics decide alcohol is gross and is not a valuable supplement to their diet. You may have achieved this accomplishment if you have traveled through time to the next day, or numberous days if your are VERY fuckniggered, and your friends recite your previous 24-72 hours. Alchohol, marijuana, cocaine, and or any other unlawful drug may increase your chances of reaching this level of niggeredness. (See Niggeredness or Niggorance)
"Dude, I was fuckniggered last night...I had like 14 shots and a bucket of hooker spit."

"Hey man how drunk was I on a scale of one to ten, last Friday?" "You were fuckniggered, you slept with your best friend's daughter!"

Alex-"Dude I don't know what happened last weekend, the other day I woke up and went to piss and it fuckin burned like hell, I had this weird shit on my dick, but I don't know where it came from."
Steve-"Hey don't worry man, I had the same shit happen, I got fuckniggered one night and had sex with an 8 year old virgin and I woke up with anal warts."
Steve-"You were babysittin again weren't you?"
by Alex, Steve February 05, 2008
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