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(n) a person who's intelligence ranks that of an unplugged sex machine.
What an inbred fuckmuppet you are!
by Lady Phoenix May 16, 2003
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A Fuck Muppet is a female who loves to fuck and to be fucked. More than just a normal girl. A Fuck Muppet LIVES for sex. She worships cock. She idolizes jizz. If she can't have sex, she will masturbate like Pee Wee Herman whacked out on E in an adult bookstore . Fuck Muppet is not a derogatory comment to a Fuck Muppet. In fact, it is taken as a compliment.
Me: "How was your da...HOLY BAT SHIT...WHATHAFU...*Happy sigh*"

Fuck Muppet: (On her knees, devouring my cock like a hungry animal) "Mmmmffgll grmmmmmm cmmmc...mmmmm"
Translation: "Shut up and give me cock. My fingers hurt, I've melted all the candles, and there is no phallic shaped fruit left in the house."

Me: "Yes MA'AM! Anything for my beautiful Fuck Muppet!"

Fuck Muppet: "(Gaaaa goooo)"
Translation: "Thank you."
by Filthy Rog McBastard October 19, 2006
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one who acts like nOOb; idiotic by nature; a chumpstain
Y'all a bunch of Fuck Muppets and retards, thinking the Eagles are going to win the SuperBowl this year.
by Mr Quigley April 18, 2007
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A varient of fuck monkey also a way of calling somebody stupid, but cooler.
Bob is such a fuck monkey.
Dammit, shut up John you fuck monkey!
by Super Balkan Warrior June 16, 2004
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