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A) Combination of fucked and buggered, broadly indicating irreparable damage

B) Incapacitated

C) A declaration of defeat, usually spoken sullenly

D) Unfair, unfortunate
A) Seriously? The test is today? I didn't even study. I'm fuckbuggered!

B) Y'know, I thought it smelled bad, but I ate it anyway. Six hours later, I was totally fuckbuggered.

C) Your wife, the mother of your children, has exited the car and is marching down the street after finding a pair of panties under her seat that, in the normal three dimensions, would never stretch over her fat white ass. "Fuckbugger."

D) A friend, hearing the story above, says "Dude, that's fuckbuggered".
by Dieter Palmito April 04, 2014
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