1. A fuckbro is a male version of fuckbuddy that refers to, but is not limited to, homosexuals.

2. A term of exclamation and a sign of compassion used in moments when one is struck with another's misfortune. Sometimes used in a sarcastic way.
1. M: My heart belongs to K, but I absolutely love sex with you V.

V: We're fuckbros dude, no need to explain yourself.

2. V: I just shat my pants again, I need help!

M: Fuckbro.
by vcool September 24, 2010
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1. Simply put, Fuckbro is a term similar to saying “damnnn” or “shieeet,” but usually not as pronounced.

2. Or can also be a conjunction of the words fuck and bro, when using the phrase “what the fuck-bro.”
1. a. “Fuckbro, that guy has a nice ass.”

b. “This is a real fuckbro situation.”
2. a. “What the fuckbro.”
by Hank Hill’s Ass March 13, 2019
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