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1. A fuckbro is a male version of fuckbuddy that refers to, but is not limited to, homosexuals.

2. A term of exclamation and a sign of compassion used in moments when one is struck with another's misfortune. Sometimes used in a sarcastic way.
1. M: My heart belongs to K, but I absolutely love sex with you V.

V: We're fuckbros dude, no need to explain yourself.

2. V: I just shat my pants again, I need help!

M: Fuckbro.
by vcool September 23, 2010
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1) A term used to describe how fed up people are about having to deal with California Bros.

2) California Bros who have outrageously gay sex in their jacked up trucks with Monster Energy decals in the community college parking lot.
1) Friend: Some asshole wearing a Tapout shirt and a backwards fitted UFC cap was bragging that he could beat up anyone because he taught himself Jiu Jistu by watching UFC on Spike.

2) Marco and Paul were attracted to each other's ability to hardcore douche, and so became secret fuck bros behind the backs of their tanning-bed-burnt girlfriends.
by NotBobaDett April 11, 2011
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Can be used as an exclamation, a question, or an answer to any question. However, it can only be used by short Italian guys that have low voices, a "New York" accent and are built to rip a car in half. They are usually named Vinny. If anyone else were to use it, someone that DOES qualify will surely be in earshot and would immediately appear and start "trowin' a beatin' on ya!
See a cute girl: "Fuck Bro", hit thumb with hammer: "Fuck Bro", ask: Do you want fries with that: "Fuck Bro", I just won a million dollars!!: "Fuck Bro?"
by Chustin February 02, 2011
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