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Similar to dickbag or other such insults, this insult name was designed by a team of top scientists to describe loafers, griefers, and people that are generally unaware.
Based on the last name 'Stephens' which extrapolates to 'Steps on Hens' - fuckbird is the natural next step.
Barry, quit being a fuckbird and join the party.
by fvckbird October 05, 2018
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a fuckbird, is one who fucks, or is being fucked by someone. normally, one who fucks often. its the equivalent of "lovebird" but instead of being one who loves, it is one who fucks.
Person A: Did you hear that Person C and Person D fuck each other whenever theres a party?

Person B: yeah, they're such fuckbirds.
by hiwas January 02, 2010
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a annoying bird that tweets or pecks or makes noise outside your window at ungodly hours just to be annoying.
that bird keeps chirping, man, he a whole fuckbird.
by Mrs. Brown the clown September 23, 2016
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Someone very insecure in their sexuality and also a retard.
e.g. Man 1 to Man 2:

"Hey have you seen that kid Man 3 from highschool? He's become a total fuck bird over the last few years."
by stefolt June 19, 2018
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