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combination of fuck and frustrated...explaining the lack of sex pussy starved or dick starved!
girl1: Damn girl! I need the dick im frustrated as hell!

girl2: Hell no girl! You FUCKASTRATED!
by Nadia April 12, 2005
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1) To demonstrate a sexual act,
2) to insert a penis somewhere only to somehow have one's balls chopped off, or to be such an utter manwhore and do so much fucking around that you get justifiably castrated.
3) to orchestrate an orgy
4) a state of frustration caused by one's current sex life (or lack thereof)
1) "Just allow me to fuckastrate the proper technique of cunnulingus..."
2) "There is not an orfice within a 10 mile radius, aside from a few women present (including your wife), that you have not penetrated. Therefore, we shall now castrate you with these rusty pliers."
3) Keeping time with his hands like a band director, the fuckastrator shouts,"And now one-two-three––thrust harder brass section––and lubricate, lubricate..."
4) "I am so goddamn fuckastrated! Even the shower massage no longer helps!"
by Spork_damage April 26, 2007
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