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A man (or woman) who has passed the seven tests of the tumblefumbley palace, these tests include: 1. the test of honesty (in which a rectal snake crawls up into the anus and peers into your soul)2. the test of levity (in which you have to sit through four hours of the Cain and Abel variety show) 3. the test of strength (in which the participant must dip their testicles into hot lead and do forty squats while drinking mead) 4. the test of endurance (in which one must ingest and digest 12oz. of diamonds, and then excrete it as coal/cash) 5. the test of the big dick (you must have a big dick to pass this test) 6. the test of wisdom (in which one must trick the cock demons into ones urethra and then convince them use ones penis to remove the rectal snake, this must be done with precision) 7. the test of the vaginal grail (in which one must venture deep into the heart of the bush garden and retrieve the vaginal grail from the minions of Twatius Coochamus)
"Having triumphantly completed the 7 tests of the TumbleFumbley palace, he arose, a Fuck Warrior."

"You truly are the king of kings."
by brenden sheckle January 18, 2007
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