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Condition that commonly occurs after the consumption of wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverage causes one to alter their judgment and ignore all inhibitions, responsibilities and rational thinking. Often leads to the use of alcohol and/or illicit substances in extreme excess.
"DUDE!!! I've had like four beers, let's do some COKE!!!! Let's party all night!!!! I totally just 'threw my fuck it switch' because I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUUUCK!!!!"
by meagan and abigail January 20, 2008
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A type of trip fuse located in the back of the brain. When multiple tasks, deadline pressure, and unrealistic demands threaten the brain's delicate circuitry, the switch pops into "fuckit" or "safe" position, allowing for rest, relaxation, and a healthy attitude readjustment.
"If that phone rings one more time with another problem, it's going to blow my fuckit switch."


by pj555 November 06, 2007
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