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One whom attempts to engage in sexual activity with a female that is far out of his league & therefore fails in doing so. A guy labelled as this should be ashamed of himself due the fact that he is incapable of banging any women.

Advice: Fuccboiis need to learn how to speak to females without stuttering &/or making a complete bitch out of themselves.
Jake: You hear about Harry? He got rejected hard!
Brad: Yeah dude, I heard he was trying to get with some older girls & they all turned him down!
Jake: He really needs to learn how to talk to the ladies, & maybe go after some middleschoolers.
Brad: Haha yeah! He is a total fuccboii.
by Velocium June 16, 2014
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Fuccboiis is commonly mistaken or confused by the more common word and term "Fuckboy" or any other terms that are more non-endearing as such. But just so as the spelling of Fuccboii is different then "Fuckboy" So are the people that the term Fuccboii is used upon. They are different. The actual term Fuccboii is meaning a person or persons who is about their come up or about their money first and foremost yet still never lose sight of their women.. a true Fuccboii is focused on making money above all else yet still loves the women... Unlike "Fuckboy" though a real "Fuccboii" has no problem whatsoever getting laid or getting nudes.. That comes with ease. But they will put their pockets (money) before all else because all else comes with such ease. Their game is at a peak and an all time high, unlike when they start losing success with women which is the depletion of their "game" which would later refer to them being a "Fuccdaddy."
James, Blake and their group are such "Fuccboiis" I've seen them turn down a woman so he can make some cash... They'll still be able to get her afterwards no problem cause they are true Fuccboiis. But once they start losing game they are gonna just be another Fuccdaddy. Which is highly unlikely for these two "Fuccboiis"
by Fuccboiis King J April 21, 2017
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