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A term used to describe someone who would traditionally be called a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend." For people in happy monogamous relationships but do not like the labels "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" for various reasons (mainly because it sounds a little silly, just think about it.) Acceptable use is determined on a couple by couple basis. Pronounced as spelled: fry-end.
He's having dinner with his fryend Apple (vs. He's having dinner with his girlfriend Apple or He's having dinner with his girl... friend.. person... aahhh!! with a female fruit!! Apple!!!!)
by Fryendster December 21, 2010
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a person who is not very close to some one but is considered to be in one's outer circle of friends,
Tom: Hey I saw you and Jack having coffe, I did not know you two were friends.
Victor: We aren't, we are fryends.
by Hellsing6362 December 20, 2011
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