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n. 1. An intensely passionate love among friends. Derived from a combination between the words "friend" and "love". This love is often times sexually inappropriate and can often be mistaken for lesbianism.
2. The ultimate form of love, a hybrid between unconditional love and friendship.
v. 3. The act of loving one's friends in a sexually inappropriate manner, much like friends with benefits.
1. Lauren, Lindsay, Mo, and Tamy are in fruv.
2. I don't want to be just friends. I want something deeper. I WANT FRUV, DAMMIT.
3. We fruv each other with the fiery passion of a thousand kisses of fire.
by Kisses of Fire May 03, 2008
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Moxy Fruvous. The demi-gods of Canada. The best Canadian 60s/90s folk rock band you'll ever hear (with harmonies). With such notable songs as "Horseshoes," "The Drinking Song," "The Gulf War Song," and many many more. Yes, Moxy Fruvous can also be referred to as "the Fruvs", or simply "Fruvs"
1) Dude, it's the Fruvs!

2) We can listen to Fruvs in the car.
by CRH915 December 28, 2004
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"Moxy Fruvous", the best of Canadean demi-Rock 90's 60's folk pop that missed their calling by about 30 years. Still, that doesn't exclude Moxy Fruvous from being one of the best folk rock bands out there. The Fruvs have something for everyone, from witty political satire to social commentary, to beautiful vocal solos and a capella songs, to eye-wattering lyrics, all of which combine to give you the most talented musicians in the genre. Their best album by far is "Bargainville", their first full CD. It delivers a perfect blend of comedy with love ballads and some good old liberal passion, all backed by the most stunning vocal harmonies of all their CD's, with the possible exception of their live compilation. The Fruvs are called so only by a couple their most endeering fans. The Fruvs are worth listenning to no matter your tastes in music.
I just got "Live Noise" by the Fruvs and the a capella cover of "I've Just Gotta Get A Message To You" almost made me cry it was so unbelievable. That's such a great album.
by iamnowcnfsd December 28, 2004
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