1. Any tall, delicious, ice-cold refreshing drink.

2. A consolation drink offered to a pissed-off person to pacify them quickly.

3. A drink purchased by a geek at a convention of nerds or any other lame place where wannabes hang out.
1. It's so hot outside I'm gonna go chill out at the diner for awhile and get myself a frosty beverage!

2. Sir, I'm so sorry the chef neglected to wash his hands after he went to the bathroom. May I offer you a frosty beverage while we await your complimentary meal?

3. In Steve Erkel voice: "Guys, I'm thirsty after checking out all the awesome European beatles on display here at Bug Fest 2011, so I think I shall partake in a brief respite and purchase myself a frosty beverage!"
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
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a ice cold beer; a welcome cold liquid treat on a hot day
Hey, does anyone here want a frosty adult beverage?
by James Cox August 31, 2006
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