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1: To attack someone from the front, usually hitting them in the face, tit, vagina, stomach or testicle areas.

2: To elope with another male and a female leaving her frontal openings blocked. Done with trio's
1: Zomfg Christian Mu just frontal assaulted me and my god did he do damage to my genitals.

2: Nick and I just frontal assaulted Lukas
by Christian Mu March 14, 2008
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1) A direct attack. 2) A daring, risky attack on the face/front of the enemy as opposed to one from the back without informing.
He didn't throw his men away in the blunt frontal assaults most commanders used at that time. He deployed his troops imaginatively.

His recent statements are a frontal assault on the doctrine of separation of church and state.

Full Frontal Assault on Democratic Rights of Europeans as Markets dictate appointments in both Italy and Greece
by tauseef313 November 24, 2011
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