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Feeling of want or need for something or someone that a friend might have.

People often experience frienvy when a close friend of theirs loses weight, gets a promotion, or finds a new boyfriend/girlfriend.
Jackie was filled with frienvy as she walked through the halls with her best friend Tracey, because all of the guys were complimenting Tracey on her hot new look.
by KASEY LEANN June 09, 2006
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Intense, inexplicable jealousy of people you aren't friends with who share, or are potentially trying to steal, your friends. Especially prevalent in boys with groups of female friends that other, rival boys then befriend. Frienvy is accompanied by possessiveness, bitterness, douchebaggery, and insistence that the OTHER guys are "sleazy" and just want to "get in" with the girls so they can "bang the living shit" out of them. Also, guys suffering from frienvy will deny the fact at all costs.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see that shaggy-haired lacrosse player mackin on all our friends? Problem sets aren't what he wants.
Guy 2: Yo, chill, man. Sounds like you're suffering from a pretty serious case of frienvy.
Guy 1: Fuck no! Look at him! He's such a douchebag! This is legit!
by chlocle April 15, 2009
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When your friend becomes jealous that you've made other friends.
Jane was acting all frienvy when she saw Kayla walk down the hall with Alexis
by Oiinktard February 25, 2008
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