A quickie with your platonic friend in the back of your dads pickup truck in the dead of winter. To fit in the "bed" of the truck, the two bodies are contorted in a way that can only be interpereted as a Z from above. After the cumbersome act of having sex in sub zero temperatures, the ejaculate freezes so quickly that it resembles the age old dessert at Friendly's known as the "Friend-Z".
Examlple 1: "Yo dude, i gave my best friend a friend-z last night, now things are super awkward and it will take us years to rebuild our friendship!
by HappinessCondensed December 5, 2018
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A group of friends who are very close, namely Zad, Vic, Mert, Kate and Al. These girls partake in activities such as attending Disney rehearsals, sleepovers, makeovers, being arrested twice, being pretty/skinny/popular, eating, texting, never showering, watching the office, ruining scary movies, swimming at zad's, doing master warm ups, getting their heads in the game, making videos, having boyfriends, romacing milkshake, talking really loud at movies, watching disney channel, bonding with eachother's families, ending every word with ziez, and stalking people on Facebook.
I love my only friend*z: Zaida, Mary, Kate, and Alex.
by Vicziez February 23, 2008
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A friend who is neither committed nor single, but means everything to each other.
He/She is my A to Z friend
by atrueindian November 24, 2020
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