The act of searching through someone's FaceBook Friend list, in the hope of finding more people they can add as their friend.
Question: "I just saw Jane looking through your FaceBook, what do you think she was doing?"

Reply: "Probably friend mining again... loser!"
by Troy Ginbey November 19, 2007
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“Ok when I introduce you I’m gonna say you’re a friend of mine. That means you’re a connected guy. Now if I says, this is a friend of ours, that would mean you’re a made guy, a capeesh! “ - Al Pacino Donnie Brasco
by Friend of mine March 23, 2018
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The phrase that people use when saying a ridiculously embarrassing story about something that happened to to them. To save themselves from total humiliation they say "it happened to a friend of mine".
George: God, I am so embarrassed, I can't believe Stacy found out I was cheating with her.

Bill: Don't worry, at least you didn't cheat on her with what you thought was her sister but turned out to be her fat brother.

George: huh?

Bill: It happened to a friend of mine...
by Sieffy April 5, 2013
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