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Fried Gold, meaning 'great' or 'perfect' replaced the phrase 'Textbook' in the Spaced DVD commentry and also appeared in Shaun of the Dead. The phrase was invented by Nick Frost, who is also a firm believer that dogs can't look up.
'See that, it's Fried Gold.'
'Look at Aida's expression - it's Fried Gold!'
'How's that for a slice of Fried Gold?'
by Timmy Boy June 02, 2004
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A term to mean something really really cool or impressive. Originates from the T.V series Spaced and popularised in the film Shaun of the Dead.
by Zues May 29, 2004
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Again,invented by Nick Frost and popularized by the movie Shaun of the Dead. However, I believe the intended meaning stems not from something being hot enough to fry gold, but rather a combination of the appreciations for things made of gold, and fried foods; as if the only way gold could be any more valuable is if it were battered and deep fried. (Mmmmmmm, fried gold..) This also seems very befitting of Nick Frost's character.
Q: "What'd you think of that movie last night?"
A: "Absolute fried gold, loved it."

"Look at that hot rod, what a piece of fried gold."
by BC Watkins October 22, 2005
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Something that couldn't possibly be made any better. A plan with no flaws
The Boston Celtics are fried gold this year.

Bush's idea to invade Iraq wasn't exactly fried gold.
by Vive Cuervo May 31, 2008
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To do something that is especially good, being hot enough to fry gold.

I believe this term comes from the people responsible for the british TV sitcom 'Spaced' and the romantic zombie comedy 'Shaun of the Dead'. As far as I'm aware the man responsible is the rotund comedy actor, Nick Frost.
1. after viewing an especially good performance of any kind: "That performance was fried gold"
2. after explaining a very cunning plan to someone: "Now how's that for a slice of fried gold?"
by Ben Foster April 07, 2005
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