an adult, though no longer a student, who does not have full-time employment and all the benefits that comes with it. Instead, a freeter chooses to work part-time or hold down odd jobs, even while full time employment is available.

Being a freeter means having more flexibility and freedom than someone with a permanent job. Freeters usually do not earn enough money to have their own home, so they often stay at home with their parents indefinitely, or else rent rooms in others' homes.
In today's economy, it's hard to know if a part-time employee is a freeloader or freeter, or is simply struggling to survive.
by D.S. Credito April 05, 2015
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A freeter in Japanese means someone in their 20's who is moving from job to job, mainly part time jobs which pay small wages. There are 3 types of freeters, ones who are seeking their dream careers thus doing these odd jobs, those who refuse to become 'wage slaves', and mostly those who have no choice.
by Logick June 19, 2003
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A parking meter that already has time on it.
I drove to the library and found a freeter! Since I was making a quick stop, I didn't even need to put money in the meter.
by Tasha July 10, 2005
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