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Jumping and/or stalling on, off of, over, or gapping obstacles while performing tricks or grabs. These tricks often come from skateboarding or inline skating. It is not to be confused with freerunning or parkour because those involve jumping over very large obstacles, while freestyle walking you trick over objects that you would on a skateboard.
kid: i pulled a gnarly 360 indy over a 10 stair set in a freestyle walking session today
by freestyle21 November 25, 2007
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A sport similar to skateboarding and acrobatics in concept, yet is totally unique. Requires agility and quick thinking. Basically, jumping from/up to great heights, quickly navigating cluttered obstacles, or otherwise showing great physical dexterity on foot.
"My friend totally busted his leg freestyle walking. He was making a gap between two hedges and a powerbox. Man, we lost power for an entire DAY."
by krizzle April 06, 2005
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when walking you begin to jump off of things doing spins or flips if managable.
walking with hands or just dancing while walking. just make that walk intersting and your own style.
look at that guy, he's a hardcore free style walker. i wish i ould do some free style walking.
by chunkography January 06, 2009
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