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When one uses the natural means of decapitating on a bush as a means to relieve themselves, as opposed to utilizing the facilities of an indoor plumbing system. Freebushing is an applicable tactic provided the plant of choice is a bush, not a shrub or a tree. A bush. Hence the term "freebush". If you are faced with a critical dilemma and really need to take a dump, but can not distinguish whether or not your plantoilet of choice fits the criteria of a bush, please contact Mr. T-rizzle, the authoritative staff member of the "Bushing for Freedom" association or Mr. Jack Attack, the administrative director -to be assisted through the critical decision.
Thank you,
may you have a good bush.
Hey man, the stall was full, and I didn't wanna double dunk with that French dude, so I had to freebush it. I'm glad it wasn't a rose bush.
by awesome-pawsome bob July 26, 2008
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