free air in Caleefornia ( only item that's NOT taxed )
free air in california is used by all then the Air moves eastward! U all living east of I5 man your air has been used!

Governator says velcome to caleefornia dee free air is free, NO NEW TAXES,
U may pay more for GAS cus we Caleefornians want to pass clean air eastward,
Our diary got milk we have happy cows, blow horn vhaut cud be better!!!
by itichie_nocanpo September 7, 2006
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Air that is offered for free for tires through a small pancake compressor operated off a 200 foot 16 gauge extension cord that constantly pops the breaker in a small dirty tire shop. This idea to offer to customers originated several years ago from a Dominican native known has General Nunez after settling in a small run down steel mill community in seek of the Spanish minority dream of trying to pull a fast one , or a scam to make a quick buck.
The free air pump is often used to inflate sex dolls.

Durning music fest Jose kids pop tires to attract business to the free air pump.
by Mr Magoe May 16, 2019
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