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adjective /FREL-uh s/

1. Intolerant of a friend's other friends.
2. Disposed to suspect rivalry or disloyalty when a friend spends time with others in one's absence.
3. Hostile toward a perceived rival or one believed to be the recipient of a friend's attention (if only momentarily).
4. Solicitous, possessive, and vigilant in guarding a friend against all others.

Origin: portmanteau word derived from friend + jealous; Middle English frend (friend), from Old English frēond (friend, lover, relative), cognate with Old Saxon friund, Old High German friunt, Gothic frijōnds, orig. present participle of frēogan, cognate with Gothic frijōn and Old English frēon (to love) and frēo (free) + Middle English jelous, gelos, from Anglo-French gelus, from Vulgar Latin zēlōsus, equivalent to Late Latin zēl (zeal) + ōsus (-ose).
Geraldine: I love our selfie! One favor though, don't tag me if you post it.
Anyone else: How come?
Geraldine: You know how frealous Lillie gets... I wanna live!
by alfredog83 January 16, 2015
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When you are jealous of someone, but he or she is a friend. So you are happy for them at the same time.
I am frealous that Ginger and Mark went skydiving last weekend. Good for them. But they didn't invite me.
by mmpartee August 20, 2008
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