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Derived from Sexy latin. A hot verb (hv) The action in which the male (ted) rubs/humps/rotates/grinds/does something extremely sexy with his giant penis to the female's (mere's) vaginal area which arouses uncontrollable erotic sexual feelings. Usually followed up with a sudden and demanding desire to fuck your partners brains out. If done at leo it usuall goes this way. the male sees the female they run toward eachother the female tries to hug but the male grabs her hips and holds her a good half a foot away givers her a suspiciously sexy kiss and then starts to kiss her body and feels her with his hands. then they seperate again and do a huge hug. this hug is a sexual, romantic, not really friendly, dirty, hot, grindage hug in which if was seen by any other human being especially dan dizio would cause eruption of tears because of the complete sexiness of it all. then they would walk to the "spot" which is private and isolated so that they can scream with pleasure and no one can hear. their they will do whatever they need to do to get them off and the male will be like sexy and all over the femala like times a milllion like at the end the female will be able to barley walk back cuz she was so aroused.
i was only TALKING about freakinwitmere last night and i got hard as a rock for like 2 hours and i had to leave talking and jack off for a good 30 minutes. that is how fucking hot mere is.
by mere is my god June 30, 2004
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