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A multiplayer deathmatch in a computer game which involves a massive amount of killing.
Guy: Hey, wanna start a fragfest at 8:00?

Guy2: Hell yeah, Unreal Tournament!
by animatorStrike February 06, 2005
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1. To kill a large number of other players in a First Person Shooter video game. Often showing how good you are at that particular game

2. Killing a lot of other players in a First Person Shooter game in quick succession
Player 1- "HAHAHA! 45 Kills"

Player 2- "OMG!!! Player 1's having a frag fest!"
by ViperFTW July 13, 2009
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where someone makes every kill in an fps (like halo) with the humble frag grenade
brock: ooh frag fest noobs

jordan:those were stickies idiot

me: im the one with the frag fest
by bionik August 25, 2008
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Grenades in online gaming, either one iduvidual makes a massive ammount of kills using frags inside one game or kills multiple enemies with a single frag. Or a load of your team and the enemies are just using frags, so everything is exploding all over the place.
Guy1- OMFG, that guy just frag nadded 5 people.

Guy2- Lol, i pwnz

Guy1- Your just lucky you got that fragfest
by Daws09 March 02, 2009
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