It means litterally "friar dick from Velletri" (a city near Rome) .
Is used to describe a conceited and egocentric person
Ao ma chi sei ? fra cazzo da Velletri ?

What the fuck are you? Friar dick from Velletri?
by ErBu March 02, 2016
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This is one of the most vile and illegal sex moves that can be performed. First you need a very unintelligent girl that trust you and you can have sex with, then you cook her coos coos with saw dust in it so she gets very constipated, then after a week, start having sex with her put two large sewer rats on her back in a cage that is opened on one side to the girls back, then put napalm on the rats, light them on fire forcing them to scratch into the girl. This will cause a vibrating sensation that is very pleasureable for the man.
I can'b believe you want to Flaming Rat Ass splunker (FRAS) her, you could go to jail you know
by courtesySMOSS May 04, 2009
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An amazing boy who becomes and even more amazing man . Someone who isn't very social or emotional. However , when he finds something or someone he loves , he will love them/it with everything in him. He cherishes the things he has . He's very stubborn , sometimes annoying , but his cuteness outweighs it all. He always has a hard time telling the people he loves no . At the same time , he is very unemotional and heartless . He does not care what anyone thinks of him. All of this makes : a Philip
boi your such a philip fra$er.
by ya boi kevin bling March 12, 2018
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Me and my brother. We were having fras air. What are we doing? "We air having fras air," sade Sinclair
by afjawefeafiowaejfoieawj February 25, 2018
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