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An animatronic character in the game series "Five Nights At Freddy's" or FNAF for short, he appears in FNAF 1, as a normal, but run down animatronic, on FNAF2, as a discommitioned animatronic, and in FNAF3, he appears as a chared/burnt phantom version, but in a far worse state than in the 2nd game, it is unknown whether he will appear in the upcoming fnaf4 game, due to Scott Cawthon showing teaser images of the main animatronics, (Freddy fazbear, bonnie the bunny, and chica the chicken) he has the fandom on edge hoping that their favorite animatronic (foxy) will be in the game, I guess we will all have to wait until October 31st!
Foxy the pirate fox just scared me when he ran down the hall!!
by emofurrykittenfromMLPFIM June 25, 2015
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