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italian neologism that means "i really don't care", "i care not".
you can easily translate it with fucksaw or caresaw, but the strong meaning and sound of the talian word is difficult to imitate. so it's a good way to start speaking italian way!
spam fottesega everytime you need, it's absolutely pure pwnage and you're gonna meet lots of italian friends. and fuck lots of italian girls that will admire you for being regardless, charming and proud.

FOTTESEGA: be proud. say it loud
a-"stop drinking! you're already drunk!"

a-I got 4 GTX580 in sli, now i'm going to crash 3dmark vantage WR
b-fottesega of that lame benchmark

a-stop chatting with your friends on skype and go to bed, tomorrow you have a test
b-mi fottesega, I'll copy from my classmate
by 7ornado March 09, 2011
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