Often confused with medieval castles and military forts, fortification is actually a lifestyle choice. Fortifiers ingest large amounts of asszucchini, dingleberries, brown asparagus, and other assorted rear-end vegetables. Based on the controversial diet section of Corny V. Buttstache's sensationalizing book, "Brown Greens," it advocates the practice of slowing.
I always find myself in a state of fortification.
by Corny V. Buttstache November 12, 2007
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The act of building a castle, wall or some other form of defense inside the anus to protect against homosexual invasion.
Tom would have had a much better time in prison if he had a rectal fortification.
by 8============D--- ( Y ) April 21, 2010
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the scattergun wielding class from the popular first person shooter cooperative group fortification center the second who uses his high mobility and multiple jumps to flank and eliminate the enemy team, also known as the scout
by smexyfemboy February 17, 2021
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A fancier way of sayingBalls to the wall.”
Man, Tom really puts a lot of effort into his classes.

Oh yeah, he goes testes to the fortification!
by DevilRay97 November 11, 2020
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