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A composite of the engish words 'Forum', in relation to internet based community forums, and 'Orgy', in relation to large sexual encounters with many people of either same of different sex.

A forgey is normally what happens when a thread in a forum goes completely out of hand, and starts to branch into several, microcosmical coversations between isolated groups and couples.

For a new member to the thread, a forgey can be a daunting challenge indeed, both to attempt to get the thread back on track, but also to figure out which part of the conversation they best begin.

The word Forgey was first coined on the Newgrounds Audio portal BBS, in relation to a member named Chronamut, and his activities on the said BBS. Chronamut is a homosexual proffesional music producer, and has declared it his personal job to 'gay the BBS up'. He is very popular, and drags a reasonable sized number of fans.
Topic title: Express your views on contempory music

Person 1: Damn, Gorebastard is drunk again
Person 2: Yeah, what is it this time?
Gorebastard: Vodka, bitches.
Person 3: Woah, what the fuck is going on here?
Person 1: FORGEY!
by Khuskan January 03, 2006
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In Halo 3 (more games if this turns into a trend), anytime too many people are in the same room in a forge (map-editor), consequently causing it to decline into chaos.

This phenomena most often occurs when one person decides to build a map and forgets to close their party, or when a party leader tries to edit a map on the go.

Either way, through some combination of boredom and mischief, the other players in the room start rapid-spawning vehicles, weapons, deleting structures.. etc. until the forge completely dissolves into forgey, completely leaving behind the original purpose of making the map.
Person 1: Hey man, how's that infection map coming along?

Person 2: It's not. =

Person 1: What happened?

Person 2: Forgey, and I forgot to save it beforehand. The bastards deleted everything on the map.

Person 1: Wow, that sucks.
by Devon Taylor February 02, 2008
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