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Classic GI and prison chow line dish consisting of dried chipped beef in cream sauce poured over toasted light bread. The name seems to have originated in the U. S. Navy during World War Two. Intact sailors were "strongly encouraged" by Naval doctors and corpsman to undergo adult circumcisions for "hygienic" and "health" reasons. Apparently it was believed then (and to some extent now) that circumcised men have lower rates of infection with sexually transmitted disease during unprotected sex, and since horny sailors will often do reckless things when on shore leave (and more discreetly when on board ship) the age old religious rite of clipping the cod was vigrously promoted as a newflangled "scientific" solution for an age old military problem. Given the reputation for navy food anyway, and the obvious surplus of extra "meat" available, it is not surprising why the name stuck, and became somewhat legendary. The dish, though, is quite distinct from shit on a shingle.
I hear Kilroy got clipped. Looks like we're having foreskins on toast again.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
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