For Dolo slang expression -
Means To be alone, by yourself.
My boys done punked out on me so I have to go smoke this sucka for dolo
by disturbed May 6, 2004
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by yourself
"My friends left me here, so I have to smoke this joint for dolo"
by sisi April 14, 2004
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To do something by yourself or solo but it’s just so much you replace the s with a d
I don’t fuck with n*ggas that’s why I be solo
Dolo - Dc The Don Mr not nice.
by Patrigga__ July 14, 2021
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To do some activity by oneself, as in "to do solo" or "done solo".
"I'm smoking this rillo all by myself."
"Come on dog I'm broke, pass the blunt!"
"No you're not man, I just watched you buy an eighth. Stop being a roach!"
"You're really gonna sit here in front of me and smoke dolo?"
by Magic69420 December 29, 2015
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Doing shit by yourself
'this L has gotta be on the dolo'
by iceberg187 October 14, 2005
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Doing Shit On your own. not rolling deep. Solo.
"usually I'm dolo, but i got a crazy team" - Gangstarr "right Where U stand"
by nasty_nas373 May 22, 2007
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