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when one uses the foot for sexual pleasure. Or when one gets a foot up or around there genitalia's.
"Oh Reid i had a good time getting footfucked last night, my vagina still hurts though!" "Yes my foot still has your cum all over it"
by Robert Yateman November 19, 2008
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to stick a girls foot on your cock and rub it until orgasim
"i want you to cum on my feet"
by shoeless joe March 24, 2003
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a form of masturbation where you let the woman 'jack you off with her bare foot

a form of masturbation where the male masturbates the female to orgasm using just his toes on her clit and perhaps just slightly into her vagina
Margie and I are just friends with benefits. She promised to foot fuck me next time we get naked together.

I brought her off with just my big toe up her cunt.
by Jake March 05, 2004
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when you go to your local kroger's or handy andy and buy a big tub of manteca (lard) then get a girl back to your place and you both dip your feet in it. Then you put your erect, manteca-covered toe in her vagina until she oozes. Then she masturbates you with her goopy feet until you squirt your man chowder. It feels like heaven and if you do this once a week it will improve your outlook on life.
Devin: Hey sweety can you stop by handy andy on your way home and pick up some manteca?
Jason: Why are you cooking?
Devin: Nope. I wanna foot fuck.
Jason: That sounds great! Isn't life swell?
Devin: Yes! Yes it is!
by captain delicious December 21, 2009
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