when someone is making a foola themself
Dude look at Katie, she’s making a real foola herself
by sour crawler April 27, 2019
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A person, that is well aware of it's power, but chooses to lead almost naive and humble life. From outside he looks like a fool that lets others take advantage of him, but deep inside he laughs at smallness and vanity of those doing this. He practises complete body and mind control and looks for ways how to help others without them knowing.
Don't think little of him he is a complete foola.
by HappinessPursuer January 15, 2018
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a terminology used by the psychologist of a legend ivaniscold to explain "female nature". All foos and foolas love to learn about it!
Foola nature is the most important topic when it comes to seducing a foola.
by benzilla56 July 6, 2022
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