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(noun) : a person who has a great fondness for food : an ardent food lover
"She is such a foodophile that most of her life is devoted to thinking about food - how it tastes, how it looks, how it smells."
by Lucky AD November 07, 2011
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(n) 1. A person that really loves food, they often consider food a defining aspect of their personality. Sometimes used as hyperbole.

2. A person that literally feels sexual gratification by consuming or being in contact with food. Also, refers to the sector of the adult entertainment industry pertaining to such activities.
1. My parents were real foodophiles and taught me to appreciate food from an early age.

2. Can anyone recommend a good foodophile website that includes videos such as: feet and beans; feet and jelly, feet and Boston cream doughnuts; feet and over-ripe fruit; feet and canned corn beef; newlywed bride feet and wedding cake; butts and bbq sauce; whipped cream panty teaser; albinos having blue cool-aid fight, turns naughty; mature women eating prunes, dates, drinks Benefiber; etc.
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