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The peas or corn in a TV dinner that end up in the main section of the tray when you attempt to scoop them up.
"Dude, are you actually mixing your corn and turkey together?"

"Nah bro. those are just the foodgitives."
by SKRI April 16, 2007
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(adj.) Any vegetable that sneaks over a partition of a TV dinner tray into either the main course or dessert area.
Call for backup! We have foodgitive beet in the chocolate pudding! It is suspected to be armed with a highly potent distaste.

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by Craig Daniels June 13, 2007
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a derogatory word used to described food, made to look life-like, that has escaped a kitchen or cafeteria.
We caught those foodgitives hiding out in that closet.
by Dr. Finklestein January 04, 2008
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