1. Any innutritious substance purchased at a quickie mart or gas station that one takes pleasure in eating but does not like to admit that one eats.

Combining am/pm jalapeno poppers, a slim Jim and a red bull for dinner is food of shame.
"I'm having food of shame for dinner. Don't tell my boyfriend."
"The hotdogs at 7/11 are so food of shame."
by Anne Buster November 9, 2006
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The act of judging, criticizing, with guilt the choices of food you are eating. Whether by yourself with others.
Food shaming : Please don't eat the bacon. bacon is from cute pigs in a large warehouse farm. you should eat tofu, tofu is not meat. or Vegan is good, meat eaters bad. Similar to body shaming but with food.
by ErisDiscord June 14, 2015
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Food shamed (or food shaming): Being judged unfairly about your relationship with food.
Emma was eating a cupcake at work when Lisa food shamed her in the work whatsapp group.

Cheers petal!
by Mr. Retsbol November 27, 2018
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