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a person who is abnormally picky about food and relentlessly forces their unsolicited opinion regarding food on others, esp. when they are eating something the food bitch dislikes
David, the resident food bitch, snarled in digust as I pulled out saltine crackers that I had no plan of ever offering him.
by DJPeePee January 29, 2011
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the person sitting in the passenger seat who is immediately given the task of handing out the food at the drive-thru.
When I immediately handed Sally the McDonald's bag, she knew she had become the food bitch.
by shammyshack90 December 28, 2009
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food bich adj. 1) Someone who whines excessively at the thought of or presentation of a new or foreign food; 2) A person who is highly elitist about the foods they eat and chastises others for their choice of food or favorite foods, a snob or self-identified-food-enthusiast; 3) Someone unable to finish the food on their plate.
1) What, you don't want to try this Thai food? Man, you a food bitch!

2) Person 1: "You eat McDonalds?! Don't you know you they harm animals and treat them unfairly? You can only eat local, sustainable foods. Those are the best."

Person 2: "Why do care about what I eat? Oh right, you're a food bitch."

3) Person 1: "Finish your food. Don't you know there are starving kids in Africa?"
Person 2: "I know, I know! But I can't: I'm a food bitch!"
by dtothelouis June 20, 2011
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