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food bich adj. 1) Someone who whines excessively at the thought of or presentation of a new or foreign food; 2) A person who is highly elitist about the foods they eat and chastises others for their choice of food or favorite foods, a snob or self-identified-food-enthusiast; 3) Someone unable to finish the food on their plate.
1) What, you don't want to try this Thai food? Man, you a food bitch!

2) Person 1: "You eat McDonalds?! Don't you know you they harm animals and treat them unfairly? You can only eat local, sustainable foods. Those are the best."

Person 2: "Why do care about what I eat? Oh right, you're a food bitch."

3) Person 1: "Finish your food. Don't you know there are starving kids in Africa?"
Person 2: "I know, I know! But I can't: I'm a food bitch!"
by dtothelouis June 20, 2011
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