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Foggy Lenses is a pot smoking game similar to a drinking game where you take bong (or similar) hits instead of drinking. The way the game works is that every time you die you have to watch your kill cam and take a hit. If you are killed by an explosive, thrown knife, or melee attack you take 2 hits, and you also take 2 more if you get your death streak. The game Foggy Lenses was created by a group of xbox live gamer friends, late one night, while playing Modern Warfare 2. The name "Foggy Lenses" comes from the fact that being high makes your vision foggy and the kill cam in game has a lens. The creators of this game do not all smoke so it has been played as a standard drinking game. The game has also been used with multiple other first person shooters with similar rules and results.
Alex: That foggy lenses game fucked me up last night.

Andrew: I know man, I woke up still high.

Greg: That game is great. Want to play again tonight?

Alex and Andrew: Sure. Lets pack a bowl and get started.

Scott: But all I have is a 24 pack of Pepsi.
by Tragen December 24, 2009
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Where a male after having sex with and/or receiving head from a woman then unexpectedly withdraws his penis from the woman's mouth, vagina, or in some lucky cases, her asshole and busts his load onto her glasses then in a windshield wiper like motion he spreads the cum around until it fills both lenses with a white glaze; thus making the lenses of her glasses foggy.
Oh hell yeah I fucked her, I gave her some foggy lenses too.
by Robert Anthony April 22, 2008
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