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The action of on person rubbing, flapping, or attacking another persons neck often used in excitement or to annoy people.
Often used in small schools in Houston, Texas
Ben viciously molested Maddie by awkwardly flubbernecking her throat in the hallway.
by The Shalmi April 22, 2009
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A social gesture that can serve as a means of introduction or for other general social interactive purposes, the act of using one's hand to tap or slap repeatedly the underside of the chin or the neck region. The instigator often will feel a sense of accomplishment after making this gesture. Surprise flubbernecks yield the best results. If a flubbernecking seems eminent or if a surprise flubberneck has failed, all those surrounding the instigator should tuck their chins into their shirts for protection. This act can also be use in a congratulatory manor similar to the "high five."
As Ben walked into the room, Chad tried to flubberneck him but was too slow, as Ben quickly protected himself by tucking his chin into his shirt.

Daniel flubbernecked Adam to congratulate him on getting into Washington University.
by General Zapatista Schwag April 19, 2009
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