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A man proned to defy space time, and gravity at will. Existing within multiple theories and at times manifesting into law. He is a conglomoration of a multitude of spirit energies and will one day play a role within the apex as well as the fulcrum.
We were sure it was a Florencio moment when all our hairs stood on end, and seemed to levitate slowly into the glittering abyss.
by buda1 February 04, 2010
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A very narcissistic person who only cares about himself, acts like he cares about others, but is actually LYING. He’s exremely fake and ratchet, too. The friends he still has have yet to discover his fakeness, but when they do, he will be left all alone unless he changes his ways.
Florencio is legit the worst friend ever.
by Anti-social :) June 01, 2018
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