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The punishment for living in Fargo, ND. First, everything you own is covered in dirty flood waters, then suddenly frozen solid while a blizzard adds at least 10 inches of snow on top.
Jesus hated Fargo really bad in 1997, and punished it with a horrible flizzard. He has decided he hates it even more in 2009, and is punishing it with an even bigger flizzard.
by SamanthaEm March 26, 2009
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A blizzard of snow flurries. The snow doesn't accumulate, but the flurries are pervasive enough to cause visibility issues while still in the air. Term coined by WAFF-Huntsville, AL meteorologist Brad Travis in 2008.
It's a blizzard of flurries. A 'flizzard', if you will.
by zpb52 January 09, 2011
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Fighting a flood in a blizzard. It describes the situation os sandbagging in a raging snow and icestorm with blizzard force winds and snow against rising floodwaters in the spring. The word was born in the 1997 flood in North DAkota and Minnesota
Sandbagging in a flizzard is a challenging operation due to ice and visibility.
by DakotaCelt September 05, 2006
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