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When you continually flirt with someone that you know is interested in you while having no intention of dating them. The victim has a feeling that something is not right and that they can't trust you since the relationship never progresses, but every time they decide to give up and move on, you find a way to reel them back in.

Typically this crime is committed by an insecure, emotionally unavailable, commitment-phobic person who needs the attention and adoration of others in order to feel that they have any status or worth.
Girl 1: Hey what's going on with you and Daniel? In the past, I thought that you two must be secretly dating, but now I haven't seen you two getting lunch together anymore. Did something happen?
Girl 2: Yeah I thought we were heading somewhere myself, but turns out Daniel is just a huge player and it was just your standard flirt and hurt scenario.
Girl 1: Wow I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm glad that he's gone! You deserve so much better.
by youknow98765 January 03, 2020
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when you start flirting with someone even though you’re already dating someone.
Guy 1:so how’s flirting with Veronica going?
Guy:2 I was flirting with her last night and ended up hurting my girlfriend cause she found out I was flirting with Veronica.
Flirt and hurt:flirting with someone while dating someone else and end up hurting them cause u were flirting with someone else
by SaltContaier August 12, 2019
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